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We represent people who have been harmed by someone else's carelessness. We do not, and will not, represent an insurance company or the government.


What to Expect

The first thing that happens is that you either call us or send us your information on the form here. Then, we talk on the telephone at which time we will ask questions. A lot of questions. We happen to think your time and our time is valuable; we are not inclined to waste either. Therefore, we need to know some things up front. By the same token, you should get a feel in this initial conversation as to whether you want us to represent you. It is extremely important to establish a good attorney-client relationship; this initial phone call is the first step.

If the initial conversation goes well and we agree that Danielson & Hankins, LLP should look into your case, we will send you a comprehensive, detailed questionnaire along with a contract and some releases we will need signed so that we can get your medical records. We are not going to gloss over the questionnaire; it is brutally detailed. The reason for this is because the more we know about you and your case the better we can represent you.

When you send us the signed documents we will closely review your answers. If it still looks like you have a case, we will begin to investigate your claim. We will get - and personally review - all necessary records. We will interview witnesses. We will come to your home to meet you and hear first-hand what happened.

We continue researching, questioning, interviewing and analyzing the facts and law that apply to your case. Once we've done the groundwork we craft your case by hand. Only after painstaking preparation will we take your case to mediation or trial.

It may sound complicated. It can be. That is why we only accept a limited number of clients to ensure the best representation.

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