You can’t record me!

In the current age of technology, owning and carrying a cell phone has become commonplace, even with school-aged children. This fact has been a growing issue in a particular school district in Indiana, where students have secretly been recording teachers via cell phones and sharing those conversations and videos recordings on social media. Some of […]


Double Jeopardy

  Double jeopardy, the idea that someone can’t be tried twice for the same crime, is at the core of our American jurisprudence system. The Fifth Amendment states, “[N]or shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.” This clause has been interpreted to mean that […]


The requirement of serving tort claims notice under the Indiana Tort Claims Act is also tolled for minors. Specifically, while a tort claim notice must be sent within 180 days (for claims against a political subdivision) or 270 days (for claims against the State) Ind. Code § 34-13-3, the clock does not begin to tick […]


Animal Rescue Immunity

      Over the past few years, especially during the hot summer months, there has been a focus in the local media surrounding people who have broken into locked motor vehicles to save animals inside suffering from extreme heat. Indiana recently passed a law, to take effect July 1st, 2017, giving immunity to people […]


Memorial Day

You know, I am a fan of Memorial Day. So many good things happen over this weekend. Here is how mine usually goes. I officially start Memorial Day weekend on Friday. My wife and I get up way too early to do “Murph“.  If you are not into Crossfit or don’t know what Murph is, […]


First, I know that most of you are giggling at the term “Spatchcock.” Nothing to be ashamed of, I also released an adolescent giggle the first time I heard the term. To be honest, I am giggling right now. Haha, ok moving on. If the title of this post is confusing, I am talking about […]


I am sometimes baffled by how many times I get asked this question. It is easy to see why, Indiana has “Implied Consent.” But what does that really mean? Indiana’s Implied Consent law (I.C. 9-30-7-2) basically states that by driving on Indiana roads, you impliedly consent to submit to a breathalyzer or chemical test. An […]


Indiana Property Distribution Overview Indiana generally accepts a fair and reasonable agreement between the parties with respect to their property division. If the parties cannot agree, then the property is divided by the courts. Indiana is an equitable distribution state, and it follows a “marital pot” philosophy. This means that the court throws all the […]