Animal Rescue Immunity

      Over the past few years, especially during the hot summer months, there has been a focus in the local media surrounding people who have broken into locked motor vehicles to save animals inside suffering from extreme heat. Indiana recently passed a law, to take effect July 1st, 2017, giving immunity to people […]


Memorial Day

You know, I am a fan of Memorial Day. So many good things happen over this weekend. Here is how mine usually goes. I officially start Memorial Day weekend on Friday. My wife and I get up way too early to do “Murph“.  If you are not into Crossfit or don’t know what Murph is, […]


First, I know that most of you are giggling at the term “Spatchcock.” Nothing to be ashamed of, I also released an adolescent giggle the first time I heard the term. To be honest, I am giggling right now. Haha, ok moving on. If the title of this post is confusing, I am talking about […]